My Natural Hair Journey: Using Carol's Daughter Shampoo and Hair Mask

Hey ladies!
I am back again with another review, I took a few months off but I am back again to give you the scoop on my new hair wash regimen. Please forgive me for the long wait but I want to make sure I start giving you guys quality products to try on your own.

Many of you have been sending e-mails and asking great questions from my post about Best shampoos and conditioners to use for Wavy Brazilian Hair Weaves. Keep the questions coming and I will do my best to get you guys some answers.

BUT this time I want focus on my hair underneath all the tracks and threading, yes my actual natural hair which I've been growing naturally for 4 years and counting. I went to the barbershop in 2013 and had all the processed relaxed damaged disaster shaved off, I wanted to start fresh and finding the products to keep it healthy is a start.

I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with Carol's Daughter, I've been using their products wayyyy before they went over to L'Oreal. During the weird phase of my hair actually growing out I used the LISA’S HAIR ELIXIR RESTORING HAIR OIL for my scalp. The Basil oil and Peppermint oil is perfect for a hot oil treatment. I oiled my scalp first and sat under the dryer for 10 minutes and then  rinsed it out before I wet my hair. It really moisturizes and strengthens the hair at the roots very well I still use it until this day it definitely keeps the scalp healthy.

As of last year, I went full blown Carol's Daughter products for my hair. Personally I want to support this brand because it was born in a Brooklyn kitchen (my hometown!) they are hand made free of parabens and mineral oil.   I mainly use these products for my natural hair. I have tried all the Shampoos and Hair Masks from each collection but my favorite one that have done miracles to my hair is the Black Vanilla Moisture + Shine line:

Every two weeks, I have to force myself out of my bed (you know you're lazy on Sundays too) and I begin my hair regimen early in  the morning:
1) Comb out my afro and part it into four so I can easily apply the Elixir Oil on my scalp.
2) Cover it with plastic shower cap and sit under the dryer for 8-10 minutes (your scalp should be drenched in oil that's how you know it spreads on your entire head)
3) Use the BLACK VANILLA MOISTURE & SHINE SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO and apply it to wet hair twice just to make sure all the dirt in the hair is completely gone
4) Rinse out thoroughly and apply the BLACK VANILLA MOISTURE & SHINE HAIR SMOOTHIE. I honestly do not use Conditioner in my hair I only use the hair masks because my hair is very thick and I need it to be really soft.
5) After my hair is covered with the Hair Smoothie I place another plastic cap on it and sit under the dryer again for 15-20 minutes, I use it as a deep conditioner.
6) Remove the plastic cap and use a wide tooth comb and comb all the dead hair out until my hair is completely smooth and detangled. If your hair is not smooth I recommend going back under the dryer for a few more minutes.
7) Rinse all the Hair smoothie out and I spray the BLACK VANILLA MOISTURE & SHINE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER and I twist my hair into bantu knots and tie it up with a satin cap.

For all my natural hair girls and even the ones with hair extensions feel free to try this method and let me know how it works for you.

After I wash my hair it's important that I keep my hair moisturized daily, every morning before I go to work I will squeeze two drops of HAIR MILK ORIGINAL LEAVE-IN MOISTURIZER. I massage the cream into my hair and roots to wake up my hair follicles and add shine and moisture.
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