Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation Product Review for African American Women

Hi Ladies!

I want to tell you about DiorSkin Airflash Spray Foundation by Christian Dior. Don't be afraid to try out name brand cosmetics, this line only has one shade for dark skin beauties. That is my only disappointment with this line they need more variety of colors for African American women.

I went to Macy's and I asked the beauty consultant for recommendations on a spray foundation that will cover all my imperfections and make my face look flawless. She directed me to the Dior section and she tried a few shades on me and Mocha #600 was the one that matched my complexion.

Airspray foundations are used by many celebrities to get that flawless look in their photo shoots, it's a simple process to put it on. First I used the DiorSkin Star Concealer to conceal the dark spots under my eyes, my nose bridge and my forehead. The color concealer I used is #004 Honey the lighter the concealer the better!

It's very important to shake any airspray foundation before you use for 15-20 seconds and then spray away from your face a couple of inches. I do not spray too much because this foundation cakes up a lot and it makes your face look too light. I spray it on my whole face left to right, make sure you pull back your hair because this foundation will get on your hair maybe try putting on a hair scarf or shower cap first.

After I spray it on I used my foundation brush and smoothed it out across my face and then I blend it all with my beauty blender from Sephora -- a beauty blender if you don't have one yet is a must have to perfectly blend in the foundation and the concealer.

I like this product but I honestly only wear it formal functions when I know I will be in front of cameras and videos all day. This is not a product I would wear on a daily basis to work it is too creamy. I welcome you all to try it I just wish they had more colors for our different skin shades :-(

If you have tried it please leave a comment and let everyone know how it worked for you.

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