The benefits of drinking Coconut Water for the skin

Not only does coconut water give you the same benefits as a sports drink it can also help reduce skin problems. It is one of the best drinks to consume in order to hydrate, cleanse, soften and moisturize your skin. The young green coconut is healthier than the hard brown shell coconuts, they contain a large supply of actual coconut water.


  • Coconut water helps slow down acne and blemishes on the surface of the skin. You will barely see them re-appear again.
  • Beauty products like facial creams, shampoos, body gel, conditioners and lotions that contain coconut extract are usually more effective.
  • Coconut water clears up and tones the skin preventing any dark marks on the skin.
  • Coconut water moisturizes the skin from within either used as a topical treatment or orally.
  • Coconut water eliminates large amounts of oil on the skin.

How much to consume?
You can drink coconut water alone but most people would rather mix it with other liquids for a better taste. It is good to drink at least one glass a day, that's all you need since each 8 ounces contains
45-60 calories.

It is rich in nutrients, coconut water has electrolytes good for the human body.
This beverage contains very low fat and suppresses the appetite and makes you feel full. It has calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium the nutrients that your body needs the most.