Important areas to apply your Concealer

- Blemishes
If you have any weird dark spots or strange marks on your skin you can use the concealer to cover those marks. The concealer must be slightly lighter than your skin because it makes the dark marks disappear when you apply your foundation over it.

- Under Eyes
The dark spots under our eyes makes us look tired and fatigue. When you apply concealer to the dark spots under the eyes it gives you a nice glow and makes your face look more awake. After the concealer you will place the foundation over it and then your eye makeup.

- Corners of the nose
The corners of the nose can be a little darker, a little smudge of concealer on both sides ca lighten up the area and give it a nice glow. We want to draw attention to your face do lighten up these areas are very important and make sure to blend it thoroughly and evenly.

- Center of the bottom lip
Okay so under the lips tend to be a bit more darker than the rest of the skin around the lips. We don't want any dark marks on the face so you can go ahead and cover the spot as well with the concealer. You don't necessarily need a concealer brush for this you can use your ring finger to pat it down and smooth it out.

- Corner of lips
This is where the attention draws for the lipstick, the corners are very important when you are smiling they are the most noticeable. Because we use those muscles a lot to speak and smile and open our mouths they tend to be a darker color as well. So go head and lighten that up using your concealer and then add your lip color.

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