Dominican Magic Follicle Anti-Aging Scalp Applicator Review

Hello Ladies,
I have another hair product review for you, I was at the drugstore recently looking for a scalp treatment for my hair. I wear sew-in weaves all the time I just needed a treatment to keep my scalp healthy while it's braided. I came across Dominican Magic Hair Follicle Anti-Aging Scalp Applicator. It was $22.99 and I checked the reviews on my iPhone before I bought it. The overall reviews on Amazon was 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Updated photo: 2/6/15 Using Dominican Magic for 6 months
I decided to purchase this product, you have to apply it after you wash your hair but if you have severe hair loss you should apply it everyday. I put the treatment in my hair everyday because I want my hair to be stronger and fuller. I have used it for a month and a half now and I have a lot of new growth underneath my braids now. I took out my extensions and my hair has grown half of an inch since I used the product. The product
does work but you have to give it some time. Do not expect a drastic change overnight or in 2 weeks it takes time for your hair to grow, your diet and drinking water does help it a lot as well.

After washing your hair all you have to do is drop 2-3 drops in your scalp and massage it in very well, it leaves a tingling feeling afterwards.

I do recommend Dominican Magic Anti-Aging Scalp Applicator for those of you who need the extra treatment for hair growth. The scalp applicator is made with Real Natural Botanical Extracts:
Rosemary - minimizes dry scalp and premature hair loss which stimulates hair growth
Wheat - gives the hair the nutrients and minerals to fight off itchy dry scalp
Coconut - provides moisture
Cinnamon - increases the blood circulation to keep the follicles healthy
Aloe Vera - reduces oiliness and balances the pH of the scalp

You can purchase this at any drugstore in the Ethnic Hair Care section
Happy Shopping :)

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