Beauty Tips: Different Ways to Make Your Legs More Shiny

On these hot summer days don't hide your legs, EXPOSE THEM!

If you're embarrassed by showing your legs I will share with you some steps to get your legs looking shinier and more attractive. These are some easy steps so I hope they can help you out.
The type of legs we want for the summer are long, shiny and shimmery, Why? because your legs is the finishing touch of the bathing suit, mini skirt or shorts you are planning to wear this season.

Ladies, if you follow there steps you should have shinier legs in no time
1) Just above your knees either wax or shave the hair off of your legs first.

2) Dry off your legs and apply either one of the following:
    -moisturizing lotion
    -baby oil
    -olive oil
    -petroleum jelly
    -cocoa butter
    - any other natural oils

3) Rub the moisturizer of your choice everywhere as possible on your legs and let it sit on your legs for 10 minutes.

4) After that, apply shimmering powder. Some of them do come in different colors be sure you choose the right color that goes with your skin complexion.

For more beauty tips or if you have any other questions leave them as a comment below.

Thanks for reading :)
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