The Women of Think Like A Man Too on Eating Healthy and Staying Fit

Kevin Hart's Think Like A Man Too opened last weekend making $30 million at the box office according to CNN.

I did see it, I will not persuade anyone to go watch it on this blog but I definitely do say it will not let you down as far as comedy. The women cast looked phenomenal, they had an interview with Essence Magazine explaining how they stay fit for their roles.

Gabrielle Union admitted to being out of shape during her first marriage but since going through her divorce and being engaged now and she has decided to be dedicated to fitness as a lifestyle now. Staying healthy and fit saved her from that unhappy moment in her first marriage.
Regina Hall started running while she attended college in New York, she admits there are some months she stops running but she does get back to it when she has a role she needs to prepare for.
Taraji P. Henson first started training back when she was casted as Yvette for Baby Boy, she gets her workout on 3-4 days a week which consists of cardio and pole dancing.
Meagan Good just recently started being more health conscious when she turned 30 and La La Anthony works out and dedicates herself to being healthy to set a positive example for her son showing how to eat and stay fit responsibly.

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