Make Up Tips: How To Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

Sometimes we have that embarrassing moment...
When we smile and someone sees red on our teeth, yikes! I have had that happen to me a few times and trust me it was embarrassing. I tried different ways to keep that from happening and I found a few methods that works out for me, hopefully this can he helpful for you!

-Put lip balm on first!
You should always apply lip balm on first before you put on lipstick. You want to make sure all your lips are covered with lip balm before you place lipstick on them. Lipstick is beautiful but eventually when you wear too much it makes your lips darker so make sure you protect it by wearing lip balm underneath it.
-Outline your lips!
Outline your lips with a lip liner the matches the color of your lipstick If your wearing a sheer or neutral color lipstick use a nude lip liner. Fill in your lips with the lip liner and try to thicken the line so it's visible enough for you to see when you put the lipstick on.

-Now apply the Lipstick
Apply your lipstick on inside the outline, cover all out your lips try not to cake it one too much. 

- Clean your inner lips
Use you index finger and place it in your mouth, suck on your finger until the lipstick on the inside of your lips are wiped off.

Thanks for reading :)
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