Make Up Review: E.L.F Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

 New product I tried for the last 2 weeks, thank goodness that my stepmother works at Ulta Beauty. OK, this product review is for E.L.F Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter this is a unique product.

I love the way it looks on other people so I decided to invest in one and try it on myself. What I did first was outline the dark spots I want covered with dots.
I got the medium color which is the darkest one, it looks too light but it actually looks okay once you blend it with your foundation. After I dotted the areas I want covered I simply blend it in with my concealer brush, the highlighter I blend it in with my index finger. The concealer I place under my eyes and the highlighter I place above my cheek bones up to my hair line, the corner of my eyes and the bottom of the arch of my eyebrows. Once I rub them in I quickly place my foundation over it and blended it in.

I like this product a lot it blends very well with any foundation color and all my dark spots disappear but the only problem I have with it is that it doesn't stay on all day. Towards the end of the night the dark circles under my eyes starts showing again, ugh! But the highlighter stays on for a while which is nice and it looks even better in pictures. I do recommend buying this products if you're not planning to wear it all day for the first few hours it looks amazing but I don't need a concealer that I have to keep re-applying every 6 hours. I will continue to use it but not rated as one of my favorites.

Thanks for reading :)
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