Make Up Review: MAC Mineralized Rich Lipstick

The lipstick I chose today is Mineralized Rich Lipstick by MAC. Those of you who know me knows I love wearing Fuschia, the color is called Good Taste (Fuschia Pink).

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Other colors available in this lipstick. Photo from MAC website
Product Review: I bought this lipstick last year for an event I was attended and I went to the MAC store in Time Square and the make-up technician there told me to try this color. I love it, when you spread the color on your lips it doesn't look chalky and liquidy. It showed up bright and thick with just one spread instead of having to keep going over it multiple times to make the color bold. Nice fuschia pink color, it does come off when you drink from a glass so keep it in your purse so you can apply it on again if the color starts to fade. This color is also very attractive I received so many compliments on it, if you're an African American woman this lipstick would look very nice on your lips regardless of skin tone.

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