The First Date: Hair & Make Up Tips

In order for your date to be a success it takes preparation and making yourself look approachable so that man doesn't hold back on that first kiss. I am going to share some of my valuable tips on how to get ready for that first romantic date.

Step 1) Preparation 
Yes ladies get in that tub, it's shower time! The heat of the shower allows your skin to take in that fragrance
from your shower gel. Make sure your whole skin is lathered than rinse off. It's okay to do it twice just to be safe (wink). Exfoliate your skin with a good body scrub.
After that, remove those unwanted hairs in those special areas. There is nothing worse than your special guy seeing that fuzzy fuzz under your arms. We want him to stick around not run away so shave those hairs. Apply that shaving cream and get of rid it, try to shave as close as you can on your skin so it's smooth when touched.

Step 2- Apply that Body Crème
After you dry the excess water off your body apply some nice fragrance body lotion to your skin. Preferably use a lotion that is the same fragrance as the shower gel you used in the shower. Rub it around everywhere and don't forget the neck and in between the fingers and toes.

Step 3- Cute Mani/Pedi 
You would want to moisturize your fingers and toes first. Choose a sexy color to put on your nails. My recommendation, either a red or a light pink. It just sets the mood and attracts the
eyes depending on the theme.

Step 4- Sexy Hair
CURLS! CURLS! CURLS! Curly hair really attracts the guys they can be loose curls or romance curls. Use the curling iron to create that sexy curly hair. Those of you who have short hair, a side-part with side bangs are very sophisticated and romantic.

Step 5- Romantic Make Up
Ladies I know you like to look as if you just came out a fashion magazine, NO! not tonight. You want your make up to be natural and looking fresh, you want him to get to know the real you.
Start off with a primer and follow it with your foundation. Depending on your skin tone apply the right color blush, you can never go wrong with a pink shade.
For the eyes try a smoky look or a natural shade close to your skin color. Finish up with two coats of your
best mascara.

Step 6 - Luscious Lips
Make sure your lips are exfoliated with baking soda and a cotton swab to make your lips very smooth. Follow up with either a red, pink or nude lip gloss. Highly recommend a hydrating lip color so the color and the gloss pops.

Step 7- Spray that Perfume or Body Mist
You should use the fragrance that matches your body lotion and spray lightly onto the following pulse points: the wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees, neck and ankles.
Importantly, spray very lightly you don't want the smell to be too overwhelming no one likes that strong alcohol smell.

Thanks for reading :)
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