Good Shampoos and Conditioners for Virgin Brazilian Hair Weave

Hair Bundles 14" 16" 18" from Divine Bundles
Styled with Living Proof Full Shampoo & Conditioner
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Ladies, my name is Kay (@KaySharice) I did the research for us! I purchase top quality Virgin Brazilian hair from DIVINE BUNDLES (@divinebundles) check out their Virgin Hair Bundles it is amazing minimum shedding and they last a long time I re-use the hair at least twice!

Q: What are some shampoos and conditioners to use for any Natural Virgin hair extensions?
A: The best products I always recommend to my clients my followers are:


Living Proof Hair Line +Living Proof  I collected samples of these from Ulta Beauty and the Full Collection Line won me over, it's weightless removes all dirt and makes the hair bouncy and thick!

Q: What do I do right after I get my Brazilian hair weave installed?
A: You have to treat it like it's your own hair, if you don't the Brazilian hair will not last. It usually will become tangled, dull and dry it is important to only use products on the hair that will restore that great silky, shiny look.

Q: What are some examples of shampoos that are not good for a Brazilian weave?
A: Stay away from Dr. Miracle shampoos, ORS Olive Oil those are for relaxed processed hair not

virgin Brazilian hair. Pantene, Herbal Essences, Head and Shoulders are also a big NO-NO they contain sulfate and silicone which is bad for your hair. Those shampoos will just end up stripping the hair excessively, especially ethnic hair.

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Q: How often should Brazilian hair be washed?
A: You should only wash it once every two weeks, because if you wash it often without drying it properly your real hair underneath will start to mildew. Not good for your real hair at all because it will develop a weird smell. Shampooing is not the most important for maintaining the Brazilian hair, it's the conditioning that matters the most.

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