The benefits of Natural Oils to promote Hair Growth

Hair Growth can be a pain to accomplish for most of our hair. Growing your hair or keeping it healthy can be as simple as a little oil treatment placed in our hair overnight with a plastic cap.

Keep in mind that hair growth is not only what you put in your hair. It starts off with how healthy you are in the inside. Believe it or not our diet and the way we eat depends on our hair growth as well.

To help the process go along natural oils are great for the hair. Most oils help damaged, dry and brittle hair which also gives the hair a healthier look.

Natural oil benefits the hair by feeding it, protecting it from heat damage, color damage, hair loss, hair thinning, and loss of luster.
A few oils that are great for hair.

  • this oil hydrates the hair from roots to end
  • add volume and body to thin hair
  • the best oil for thickening hair 
  • light-weight and non-greasy doesn't leave oil on your pillows
  • reduces dry scalp and dandruff

COCONUT OIL (can also be used on skin):
  • for all types of textured hair.
  • coconut oil is a protein re-constructor, it revives the protein strand from damage
  • this oil has been used by women of color that live on tropical islands where coconut if grown freely.
  • moisturizes the hair fibers and reduces breakage and damage.

  • was used back in ancient Egyptian times
  • contains minerals and fatty acids to help the hair grow strong and healthy
  • Castor bean seeds made into this thick oil is full of nutrients
  • Should be placed on scalp overnight or for a few hours then rinse.

OLIVE (EXTRA VIRGIN) OIL (good for hot oil treatment):
  • helps strengthen the hair but also repairs all the damages and feeds dry hair
  • placing it on the ends of the hair prevents split ends
  • the fatty acids will coat the hair keeping it protected and healthy
  • gives the hair a smoother and healthier appearance


  • contains vitamins A,B, D, E, protein, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium, and folic acid.
  • Helps with damaged, brittle and dry hair.
  • Moisturizes hair with it's light weight texture.
  • Beneficial for feeding the hair and promoting hair growth.

  • a good source of protein which definitely promotes healthier hair and hair growth
  • it makes the hair shinier and smoother by stimulating the blood flow and bringing oxygen to the hair root

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