The Sexiest Nail Lacquer Brands

Hello everyone, my name is Kayanna and I am a "Nail Polish Addict"
My weakness: I change my nail color every 2 days and I am proud of it!
Kerry Washington

Women picking their nail polish is the equivalent to men picking their sneakers.
I go to the nail salon -- probably every 2 weeks just for a fill-in and a cut surprisingly I do not let the nail technician put color on them.
WHY? Because they usually charge extra for designs and color added, I'm not really into designs on nails. I like my nails to have one solid color but that's just me.

 I simply just buy my own nail polishes because I can change the color as much as I want! Instead of that $7 fee they charge at the salon to change the color.

Rihanna (RiRi)

Color on the nails gives the hands a lot more attention especially if you're wearing that cute new bracelet you just bought or that sexy watch you just can't wait to show off.

SEPHORA- You can paint all 10 of your fingers at Sephora at no charge!
They have pretty colors and a lot of them to choose from. They encourage you to paint all your fingers in hopes that you will purchase one for yourself.

 Currently I have on American Apparel's Nail Lacquer- color: Hassid ($6) It is close to black and this is my first time wearing black nail polish and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
Color shown: Hassid

OPI NAIL LACQUER also a great product, you can purchase tham at a Walgreens, Duane Reade, or a Rite Aid (for a cheaper price)
  • Nail polish helps keep you from biting your nails
  • Helps the nails become hard and healthy

  • Their colors and bold, bright, and long lasting
  • they don't crack
  • must put on 2 coats for it to last a while  
If you have any questions about these products or about nail lacquer in general email or post a comment!

Thanks for reading :)
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