Make Up Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty Lust for Lacquer

Sephora's Marc Jacobs section had these lip glosses that really got my attention.
Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer - Lip Vinyl
I love that it comes in a thick glass bottle but the colors are very pretty.
So I got me a few clean lip applicator brushes (more like 7 of them) and started experimenting.

They have different colors to choose from so I tried the ones that interested me the most. When I'm shopping lip color I only go for the reds, fuchsias, berry and light pink colors and Marc Jacobs had them.
I tried all of them and the one I absolutely fell in love with is
#208 Truth or Dare (plum purplish color) ($28 at Sephora)

I love this lip gloss because it's bright and gives your lips a plump glossy look. Plus it has the minty feeling after you put it on.

If you add lip balm first under the lip gloss it feels a lot better because the lip balm keeps the lip gloss from looking and feeling liquidy. It is affordable and easy to take off when you're ready and it doesn't leave that Lip Color Stain on your lip like lipsticks do.

Thanks for reading :)
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