The Best Concealers for African American Women

First step in the process of applying make-up is: applying the Concealer, it hides those unwanted dark spots on our faces.
Our skin pigment produces dark spots when blemishes, acne, or any other skin problems arises.

The magic of the concealer is here to hide those dark spots on the face before applying on our foundation and translucent powder.

Concealer comes in different forms such as:
liquid, pencils, crayons, powder, sticks, or brushes.

The concealer I personally use right now is CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Stick ($8.95). It covers up my blemishes and you cannot see the dark spots on my face. It leaves my face looking natural and it blends in very well with my complexion.
You have to pick the right color, most likely a shade a little lighter than your skin works best.

I am actually switching to another concealer later this week. I have read a lot of good reviews about BareMinerals Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum ($20) because the CoverGirl concealer is a little too oily on my face and it doesn't last all day. By the end of the day my dark spots appear again.

I am a college student which means I have really dark spots under my eyes from staying up late at night doing homework and studying. I don't have much dark spots on my face I mostly use the concealer for the dark
spots under my eyes.

When applying concealer you may want to wash your hands so you don't spread bacteria when blending in the concealer. Apply under the eyes first and use index finger to smooth it out and distribute it around the dark area. After that apply the foundation with a sponge and then dust it lightly with translucent powder.

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