Appropriate lip colors to wear at your Job

Purchasing lipstick can be a pain in the rear! The first 3 questions that pops up to mind when I'm searching for the right colors are:

 1) What color suits my face the best, light shades or dark shades?

2) Which colors are appropriate to wear in a professional setting?

3) Does neon pink scream "sophisticated" or "skanky"?


Beyonce Knowles-Carter
Colored Women of Light-skinned complexion-
You can pull off any color that you so desire, because you're skin is so fair a nice light color shade would go get great with your face. (e.g. Coral Pink, Lite Chocolate, Lavender)
In the business setting a light color is appropriate, but don't confuse "light" with "bright"
Bright Orange, Neon Pink, and Electric Blue is not for a professional setting!

Meagan Good

Colored Women of Mocha or Brown complexion-
You skin color is so unique that you can pull off both light and dark shades (e.g. Violet, Rose, Rose, Fire
Engine Red) Brown complexion is more of a mixture of both light-skinned and dark-skinned blended together. Therefore, light lip color would bring out the eyes, dark lip color brings out the fullness of your lips.

Kelly Rowland

Colored Women of Dark Chocolate complexion-
Dark colored lip shades are the perfect match for you, don't be sad dark colors are beautiful! Darker lip color actually brightens the face, and no one will be able to take their eyes off of you. I would stay away from Black lipstick in the professional setting, Dark Brown, Dark Purple, Dark Pink and even a Deep Burgundy will suit your skin very well.

Remember that, lipstick is not an enemy at the workplace. It is an attention magnet, don't be surprise if a lot people try to speak to you, it is normal. Color on the lip seems to bring us a lot of attention from both women and men.

Recommendation: M.A.C., Revlon, L'Oreal are the best brands for colors that suits Women of Colored!

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