Best Leave In Conditioners for Ethnic Hair

The job of a shampoo is to wash the dirt out of our hair but it is the conditioner that gives your hair shaft the extra protection. Conditioners coat our hair from all those ridiculous gels, sprays, and hair lotions we put in it constantly.

Leave In Conditioners are different from regular conditioners.
Conditioners require you to rinse after use but leave in conditioners are made to stay in your hair after shampooing and towel drying.

The leave in conditioners dissolve in your hair leaving behind a nice smooth texture in your hair shaft. This is a miracle to black women with natural kinky, curly, and dry hair that never seems to look moisturized.

Benefits of Using Leave In Conditioners:

  • protects your hair from heat by hair dryers, curling irons, straightening irons, etc.
  • nourishes your hair from drying out, getting damaged, and being brittle. Tames frizz and "fly-aways"
  • makes the hair smooth, soft, and manageable (no more detangling sprays)

Good Leave In Conditioners for African American Hair:

  • moisturizes your hair for an easy detangle
  • pro-vitamin B5 holds onto moisture better
  • wheat proteins helps to give hair more strength
  • soothing fragrance experience

  • reduces frizz
  • protects hair from heat damage
  • hydrates & moisturizes
  • must use for daily styling

  • For all types of hair
  • restores strength, luster, and nourishment to abused hair
  • plumps hair so it feels thicker
  • should be refrigerated after opening to ensure purity 

  • stays 10x smoother
  • fights frizz for 48 hours
  • effective even in 97% humidity
  • argan oil and apricot fragrance

  • helps strengthen and softens hair
  • blended with vitamins A,C, and E
  • excellent for relaxed, braided, natural or weaved hair
  • sulfate and paraben free

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